Connecting citizens to European Institutions #ThisTimeIVote



Promote factual and objective discussion over the operations of the European Union and its member states.

Show the true side of the European project, without any agenda or propaganda.

Be accessible to all schools of thought and demographics, especially for groups of people that have lost faith in the EU institutions.



Our objective is to create a community of people interested in EU issues, policy, and culture. We want to be a source of information for everyone and attract people that usually wouldn’t be interested in the EU, or have been turned away from the European project for any various reason.



We are organizing an event in Milan with the collaboration of the European Parliament’s office to promote voting in the European Elections of May 2019.

The event is centered around students and you can learn more about it in the Events page


EU&U is also active in content production, as you can see from our blog page and podcasts episodes.

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"Beyond differences and national boundaries there lies a common interest”

Jean Monnet  |  EU Founding Father



Nikolas and I originally met in Norway for an international session of the European Youth Parliament. We were assigned to the same committee and worked side by side for nearly ten days and this is the period in which our friendship was born, strongly tied to european issues and a pro active political mindset. After the end of the session we were satisfied with our work but wanted to pivot our effort to a more concrete idea.

With the recent elections all over europe we grew increasingly worried about the state of the union and wanted to finally be the change we want to see, particularly in the relationship between youth and EU. This campaign we are organising in Milan, in collaboration with the European Parliament, is about that change. It is about bringing european interest to young people such as ourselves, make the aware of the importance to vote. Our passion for the European Project was already there, but we felt we have to offer our society a part of us, and what better than our passion? We represent the romanticism of the European Union, the friendship we personally share and the partnership we have on the project in Milan. This is the future, friendship between individuals and countries, lasting peace, solidarity in our efforts to build a prosperous society, in Europe and the world.


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