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We are a youth led non profit organization aiming to close the gap between citizens and institutions

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We make the EU fun

Our social media presence mixes informative and entertaining content to help make what happens in the UE bubble more accessible for all.

Our work and recognitions

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We have:

  • Collaborated on the 2024 #UseYour vote campaign

  • Been chosen as finalist of the 2021 European Charlemagne Youth Prize

  • Become a stakeholder for the European Parliament's #togethereu platform

Current projects

The EU (Post) Elections Podcast

Get ready for another exciting season of our "EU Elections Podcast" with hosts Arianna Labasin and Federico Terreni. Last season, we explained the EU elections and what voters faced in 2024. This fall, we’ll dive into what happened after June 9th. Expect secrets, drama, and special guests as we uncover the truth about the EU. Stay tuned!

Big fan of our show and want to see it reacha whole new level?
We are currently looking for like minded sponsors to help us offset production costs.

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